Board of Directors



Joyce Rosencranz, Board Member

Indian Landing


Stephen Bradford, Board Member

Rolling Hills


Jasmine Serlemitsos Wilding, Secretary

Arden on the Severn


Steven Kratzer, Treasurer



John Gregory, Board Member



Janet Holbrook <>

Herals Harbor


William Moulden Board Member

Sherwood Forest


Maureen Turman Board Member

Herald Harbor


Mark Zablotny, Board Member

Carriage Hills







For more than 30-years, the Generals Highway Council of Civic Associations’s ( GHCCA) mission has been to assist member community associations in their civic affairs and to serve as a liaison between GHCCA and the government in order to promote the welfare of the residents of the Generals Highway area.


In 2000, during the last Anne Arundel County General Development Plan process, GHCCA members helped to define the Crownsville Small Area Plan (SAP) Vision as a “Greenbelt” that protects its extensive woodlands and natural beauty, retains its rural character, and provides adequate transportation serving the needs of its people.


With the mission of GHCCA and the vision of the Crownsville Area SAP in mind, community leaders have increased their efforts to work with those who share their values and to effectively offset the efforts of others who have different motives and interests in the Generals Highway corridor.  Unrealistic development campaigns, such as that of the Chesapeake Sports and Entertainment Group’s proposed stadium/commercial/hotel/athletic field complex for the Crownsville Hospital site and Fairgrounds, have motivated GHCCA to step-up its game.


In a recent GHCCA Community Leaders Forum, Presidents and Board members of 33 Generals Highway corridor community associations, representing more than 3,100 households, resolved to field an enhanced game-plan for GHCCA, with focus on the upcoming General Development Plan process, and strong advocacy for the shared values stated in the Crownsville Small Area Plan.

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