Anne Arundel Plan2040

The Annual Progress Report on Plan2040 provides summary statistics on the status of the Plan2040 goals, policies, and strategies as of the end of calendar year 2022. It also highlights some of the achievements that occurred in 2022. The appendix provides a brief update on all of the 400+ strategies with descriptions and performance measures.

You can see the report here.


The General’s Highway Council of Civic Associations:

  • assists any and all residents living near General’s Highway or its member associations with their projects or problems when they reflect the interest of the majority of the individuals and Association members;
  • promotes interest of its citizens in the civic affairs and the historical significance of Generals Highway;
  • serves as liaison between the member associations, The Council, and all departments of County, State and Federal government;
  • and performs any other civic acts and duties to benefit residents of the Generals Highway area.

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