Eisenhower Golf Course Construction

Information on the Eisenhower Golf Course construction,

as of 1/23/2019, From:

  • The site is in compliance with all County, State and Federal permits.
  • 177 Specimen Trees have been identified and marked on the site.
  • Only 1 of the 177 is being removed due to construction, a 30" Tulip Poplar with a broken crown.
  • During design phase efforts were made to minimize impacts of forested areas.
  • Eisenhower became operational in 1969 and at no point has there been an active forest management program. (50 yrs)
  • What is being removed now are diseased, dead and subordinate trees that should have been removed years ago had there been an adequate forest management program to prevent canopy crowding, and provide sufficient light and air for under-story trees and optimum turf growth.
  • All trees being removed are inside the LOD (limit of disturbance).
  • A portion of the downed trees will be re-purposed on-site as part of the stream restoration project.
  • We will be re-planting 459 canopy trees and 304 under story trees.
  • Inspector on site monitoring all activities

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