Anne Arundel County Announces

Steve Kaii-Ziegler

as New Director of Planning and Zoning

County Council Recap from GAN Newsletter




County Council meets twice a month on Mondays, except in budget season when they meet more frequently. The regular Mondays are the first and third Monday of the month unless the Monday is a holiday.


March 18, 2019

The Adequate Public Facilities Bill has been withdrawn so a more comprehensive bill can be presented. There is still not a consensus on the Cannabis bill and the bill was amended and will be heard again on April 1.


The bill to settle the issue of ADDING lots to critical area that are not contiguous or in critical area was passed by a vote of 7 to 0!!. This closes the large loophole the Developer of tried to use in South County to get more waterfront lots at Turtle Run than were allowed under Critical Area Law. The Critical Area Commission called a halt to development in the critical area until this loophole was closed.



To expand Farm Breweries to RLD and R-! land


Bill No. 14-19 will have a public hearing on April 1. This bill would allow Farm Breweries not just in RA zoned land, but also in RLD and R-1.

There are a number of conditions on these breweries and to qualify for this use anywhere-the brewery must be located on a farm of at least 10 acres. This may be a business that wants to locate in RLD or R-1, but the bill, if passed, will have a county-wide


Cannabis bill will be back as well.


To read the bills Go to Council website



County Council Work Session-Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 9AM County Council Chambers




Anne Arundel County Executive, Steuart Pittman, interviewed in WNAV on December 21, 2018.

At 9 minutes, 12 seconds into the interview, Steuart discusses the Crownsville Hospital.


The second part of this interview will be aired on December 28 at 2:00 PM on WNAV, 1430 AM Radio.

GHCCA Leadership Serving on the

Pittman Administration Transition Teams



Sustainable Communities Committee

Smart Growth Subcommittee

John Hamm

GHCCA President

Smart Growth, Climate Change, Renewable Energy. Protecting Natural Resources, Land Preservation/Restoration, Green Jobs


Smart Growth Subcommittee

Balancing development and environmental priorities; lessons learned from existing general development plan (GDP) and small area plans (SAPs); considerations of up-zoning, infill and redevelopment vs. sprawl; modification approval and appeals system; and impact fees



Thriving Communities Committee

Dr. Richard Falk

GHCCA Vice President

General Development Plan, Land Use, Transportation Planning, Infrastructure, Affordable Housing



Empowering Communities

Joyce Rosencranz

GHCCA Board Member, at large

Economic Opportunity, Economic Development, Community Engagement, Constituent Services, Veterans Affairs & Military Partnerships, Job Training



Of particular relevance to the Generals Highway Corridor in County Executive Pittman's speech is his vision for thriving communities:


"Small Area Plans are back, and through then you have a loud and clear voice as we draft our new twenty-year General Development Plan.


We will strengthen the Adequate Public Facilities ordinance to ensure we implement fiscally and environmentally responsible growth strategies.


"And without delay, we will begin talks with the State to acquire the Crownsville Hospital Center, so that finally, we can transform this tainted jewel at the heart of the County into a place where healing happens through the powerful medicine of nature."

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