About the Council

Generals Highway Council of Civic Associations, Inc



The membership of The Generals Highway Council consists of Civic Associations, Non-profit Associations, individuals and families, and local businesses.


The Council and its membership operate as a well-organized, inclusive, and effective voice of advocacy, promoting the Values represented in the Crownsville Small Area Plan (SAP) and fulfilling the responsibilities of the GHCCA governing documents in all matters of interest to citizens of the Generals Highway Corridor.


The Council promotes and encourages Anne Arundel County Government to  engage Council Officers in matters that affect our area.


Council authorized representatives regularly participate in and report on County Council meetings,

Administrative Hearings, and meetings with elected Representatives.


The Council

    • Participates with Strategic Partners with other advocacy organizations
    • Communicates news, strategies, progress, and calls-to-action on issues of importance
    • Pursues opportunities for relevant media coverage

Generals Highway Council of Civic Associations, Inc.      • PO Box 14,  Crownsville, MD 21032