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On May 16, 2019, at Baldwin Hall, County Executive Pittman and the Office of Planning & Zoning held the  Crownsville Small Area Visioning Town Hall, attended by more than 50 Generals Highway Corridor residents.




to view a video of the Citizen Q&A and provide your input into the General Development Plan question:




Crownsville SAP Review

County Executive Pittman Launches Community Driven Planning Effort


Annapolis, MD

(March 13, 2019)

Today, Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman announced a new strategy to guide the county’s General Development Plan. The new strategy includes shifting the composition of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to representatives of Anne Arundel County’s neighborhoods and communities, launching the process with a day-long workshop managed by a leading national consultant and creating a more robust community visioning process.  READ MORE


Public Education Workshop scheduled for April 13, 2019

Along with the launch of the new committee, the Office of Planning and Zoning updated the GDP timeline and outlined a greater community engagement effort that includes a visioning process to begin in the Spring. That effort includes a kick-off and public education workshop scheduled for April 13 and Small Area Plan outreach sessions to follow in May. The county plans to work with national experts from nonprofit organization Smart Growth America to plan and conduct that meeting.


The New Proposed Timeline

The new proposed timeline estimates that the General Development Plan would be introduced to the County Council in the spring of 2020. After adoption of the GDP, the Administration will initiate the comprehensive zoning process. The Administration plans to consider comprehensive zoning legislation on a community scale, similar to the former Small Area Plan districts, beginning in July 2020.


As of 12/1//2018

The 2000 Crownsville Small Area Plan, with proper review and updating has relevance to the current, 2020 General Development Planning process.


The 2000 Crownsville SAP recognized this area to be unique among its surrounding communities, in its still predominantly rural character of open lands, roads without curbing or storm sewer systems, small businesses, and residential areas of rural, low, and low-to-medium density.


In the long-term vision for the community, the Crownsville area was defined as a "Greenbelt” and functions as a buffer surrounded by the commercial developments of the Parole Town Center, the Odenton Town Center, and the Crofton/Waugh Chapel commercial area.

The vision was for the Crownsville area was to retain its rural or semi-rural character, and for sensitive and fragile areas to be preserved and restore.


Safe and convenient access within the community was to be assured with adequate transportation serving the needs of the people, without destroying the natural character and environmental qualities.


•The Crownsville State Hospital is the largest single parcel of land within the Crownsville area.  The 2000 Small Area Plan recommended:

• Maintaining the character of the Hospital Site at its current or lesser level,

• with any new buildings on the site to be in-keeping with the integrity of the rural and residential community,

• and the dedication of any surplus land to be used for Crownsville community services (such as a library, senior center, ball fields. Etc.).


The 2000 Crownsville Small Area Plan is relevant today and is undergoing a thorough review and updating to be incorporated as a part of the 2020 General Development Plan process.

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